Jun 16, 2014

How to do conditional include_recipe (how to use guards with include_recipe)

Lets say you want to include a recipe based on some state of the server. Obviously this is a server you inherited from some team, and rebuilding it is just not an option because server provisioning takes 2 weeks (or two months).

include_recipe "foo::bar" do not_if { ::File.exists?("/etc/foo/bar") } end
/\ That simple does't work, although it'd be awesome if it did (seems like a consistency thing to me). Reason for that is include_recipe is a method and not a resource. Which means it's evaluated at the compilation phase, and not at execution (which makes sense from building the resource collection perspective)
So, if you do want a conditional include_recipe, you want to do something like this instead:
some_variable = {some logic to check for some state on a system} 
include_recide 'foo::bar' unless some_variable
Situation where this becomes super useful for example, is on windows, for chef runs which need to reboot a server and go on:
include_recipe 'cookbook::recipe' unless reboot_pending? 
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