Apr 18, 2014

Post conference Rage blog - ChefConf

Having spent a week hanging out with the most genius people I've ever met, have really changed the way I look at user experience of the technology around us.

The third place goes to: Volvo
This example came from the CEO of the company during his keynote speech:
Volvo has a yearly GPS update package, which consists of 6 DVD disks, which have to be fed into the car over the course of 6 hours. AND!!! the car has to be running the whole time. Holy fucking shit, no way would a $60k+ car make you do that.

Sloppy seconds goes to: Hyatt
Preface: Hyatt has this pretty elevator system with dual factor authentication which doubles as first firewall in their customer defense system: after 7pm, you have to scan your card, AND the elevator takes you to your floor only. Neat, but mildly annoying, because card slots are small and very annoying to a drunk guy. Strike one.

That's minor though. The major flaw is that after the doors close, no new input can be added to the system. So, you're stuck riding in elevator till it stops.

And the first place goes to a Dealership:
Younker Nissan
3401 East Valley Rd
Renton, WA  98057

All of their emails come from: System Administrator ileads_Younker_Nissan@webcrmmail.adpcrm.net

... maybe not so much of user experience on that last one, but it definitely inspired this whole post. ...and now off to find a relevant XKCD post.

How about: What is Heartbleed in pictures

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