Jan 27, 2014

Fixing AWS after upgrading to Powershell 4.0

I just got done scratching my head... After all, it's a PC, not an iPhone. I didnt think Amazon had a way to uninstall cmd-lets off my box remotely... or DID THEY!?

Well, no, they didnt. But apparently upgrading to powershell 4.0 does nuke all of the user modules, which sucks.

So. Step 1. Re-Install amazon modules (I just installed everything)

Step 2.
Open new Powershell window and run:
Get-Module -ListAvailable
Step 3.

Step 4. - Setup your private keys again. Oddly enough that part actually still works. So, hitting the ec2 commands works right after reinstalling cmdlets.
(Get-EC2ImageByName WINDOWS_2008_BASE).imageid 

Step 5. If your creds were not carried over, or you never configured them, take a look at my earlier post

You done

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