Sep 6, 2013

Chef / Ruby... What editor to use?

Well... I've been living in the powershell world for the last few years, and writing Chef recipes (Ruby) has blown the lid off my teapot.. the number of brackets and commas, is borderline absurd.

Sublime to the rescue (it's totally free - minus one annoying occasional popup)

Single best feature of the tool is bracket / comma / braces / etc.. auto completion.

I've switched to Sublime exclusively for Ruby, but still using Notepad++ for Powershell... however! Today I was referred to two excellent plugins which look VERY promising: (Export highlighted code into RTF or HTML - great for Demos)

and (Syntax highlighting for powershell in Sublime)

A simple installation doc:

Completely unrelated image of the thing I'm building..Sous Vide Heating Immersion Circulator

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