Jul 19, 2013

Netscalers are no laughing matter

Found this conversation I had with an Expedia* network engineer about a year back. Made me shed a tear of laughter and sadness ...


2:54 PM
once upon a time a boss was told that he was responsible for anything bad that happens on all 130 netscalers at expedia
said boss then immediately changed all passwords on all netscalers and asked his network team to manage these appliances
said network team had no clue how to manage said appliances so the tickets backed up
and up
and as the tickeets backed up...
network engineers got fired for messing up the netscalers
and then so did the boss
until there was no one left to manage the appliances
so then .. the natives got restless
.. as teams started to build vips and have issues with vips... the network team was told to fix vips and all vip issues
but buried under piles of tickets the network team still wasn't able to fix the vips
because they couoldn't reach their keyboards
however, it was said by the powers that be that teams would then once again be able to build vips in the realm as long as the network team peer review all changes
yesh, and eli and them can pretty much just ping the brave knight Tajon to peer them and all is well
while the poor, poor (literally broke) network team continue to flail about under piles of tickets
the end

*He was so proud of having worked there, it's not even on his linked in profile. 

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