Saturday, February 15, 2014

Automating WSUS 3.0 server with Powershell on Win 2k8r2

It was supposed to be easy... EASY!!!!

...this ended up being the first line that actually did anything relevant... obviously not fucking easy.

So this project started as usual, with a false hopes and unkept promises
PS C:\chef> Add-WindowsFeature OOB-WSUS
WARNING: Installation of 'Windows Server Update Services' is not supported on the command line. Skipping...

Oh Come on!!!!

So Step 1 - Install Pre - Reqs
"web-server", "Web-Asp-Net", "Web-Windows-Auth", "Web-Metabase", "File-Services" | foreach {if (!(Get-WindowsFeature $_)){add-windowsfeature $_}}

Step 2 - download / contribute to my Chef cookbook which will do it all for you

The thing you probably really care about the most is here: 

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